The Fellowship implies carrying out the activities briefly mentioned below at Dipartimento di Scienze sociali e Politiche dell’Università degli Studi di Milano and under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Mosca within the research “ProDem – Protests and Democracy: How Movement Parties, Social Movements and Active Citizens are Reshaping Europe (2011-2019)

Job Description
1) analysis of the media coverage of the selected party in 3 national newspapers (1 with a conservative orientation, 1 with a progressive orientation and 1 sympathetic towards the political actor) over a period of time between the founding of the party and the last legislature;
2) qualitative analysis of discursive reactions to mainstream media coverage on the party’s digital platforms (e.g. websites, blogs and social media) in the same time frame;
3) in-depth interviews with the party’s communication managers, representatives of civil society groups and journalists who are experts on the subject;
4) collaboration in the data analysis and in the drafting of project reports together with the coordinator of the local research unit and other project members;
5) presentation of project results in key conferences for the discipline and in high-level academic journals;
6) substantial support to the coordinator of the local research unit in the dissemination activities of the project and full dedication to organizing the stakeholder conference (scheduled for the second year);
7) support to the coordinator of the UK research unit and the Romanian postdoc in all other dissemination activities envisaged by the project (i.e. newspapers, magazines, blogs and social media);
8) writing of academic papers and publications of a high standard (e.g. publications in class A journals or with impact factor);
9) drafting of applications for participation in national and European call which fall within the topics of the research.

a) Expertise in research area: knowledge of various research techniques – in particular qualitative methods, with specific expertise in the analysis of media texts. Familiarity with quantitative analysis is required and experience with computational social science techniques is desirable; Ability to conduct literature reviews and relevant background research (to identify, summarize and code relevant studies for further analysis); Good written and verbal communication skills and an ability to communicate research findings effectively to both specialist and lay audiences including project stakeholders such as policy-makers, party or social movement representatives; Ability to publish, e.g. blogs, with content management systems; Ability to work effectively in a team, together with the principal investigator at Milan and the other members of the consortium, as well as independently; Ability to recognize when to seek advice and to meet collective deadlines; Ability to write academic texts demonstrated by international publications of good quality;
b) Knowledge of language: Italian and English

Application must be submitted online, at the following email address: and, within January 05th 2021 at 11:59 pm.

Duration: 1 year renewable up to 3

More information (both Italian and English version) at:

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